Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waste Your Time in a Useful Way

Here I’m going to share some of my experience about earn money from online. Why don't you even try to earn some money using internet? If we search in internet there we can find a lot of web sites. But the thing is most of them are scam. Here I’m trying to tell u some of reliable and legit web sites for earn money. I don't want to say all of the legit web sites here. You can register in following sites and u can do all the things to do with those sites in less than 15 minutes. Also you can earn around at least 4$ per day.
Below I present some of methods you can earn money using internet 
Method 1: View ads those are about 20 seconds (PTC)
        PTC means paid to click. We can earn money without any skill and we get paid for watching ADS. There are so many sites we can find on internet. But most of those are Scam sites. By this time I joined around 20 sites but now I use a few legit sites. And also I like to share some important tips for recognition of legit PTC site.
  • The site must have a forum link.
  • In the forum there should have a link such as Payment Proofs, Success Stories, Problems and Doubts etc.
  • The most important thing is TOS-Terms of Service. Read and understand the TOS carefully. You can do nothing if the sites behave according to their TOS.
The advantage of PTC sites that you are able to view more than one ad from different sites at once. Most of the people already do this as a quicker way to get through all of the PTC sites. This will definitely keep you busy plus you will earn more than doing one or maybe even 2 at a time. Also you can view all the ads per day by wasting only 10 minutes of your valuable time. Below I present most reliable and legit PTC sites.

01) onBux - This is the most reliable legit PTC site I have ever seen. All the payments of this sites are instant. When you register in this site, they are asked Paypal/Alertpay Email of you. If you don't know what that is just enter your Primary email address.
Click this link to go onBux site........
You can fill the Registration Form in this way........